Summer Solstice Song Ceremony


June 22, 2018  7 – 9 p.m.

Celebrate Summer, Celebrate Community, Celebrate Voice, Celebrate Beauty!

Take some time to tune into the Earth’s seasonal power in your personal life.  We’ll sing and do a short ceremony to bless the creative fires of your life and seed the intentions of your summertime adventures.  South on the Wheel, or Summer, is the time of family, love and communication.  It is the home of the healer, and of the body’s needs and pleasures and pain.  Calibrate yourself in the beauty of community with other souls who are seeking to live well at this time of great challenge and great possibility.

$10-20 contribution appreciated, and never let $ be a barrier to my circle!  Just talk to to me about what you’d like offer in reciprocity.

Children welcome!  We will likely do a fire ceremony after singing so be prepared with a little something you’d like to offer the flames of transformation.

Please contact me at with any questions or for location if you would like to attend.




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