Moon Circle for Men and Women

Wednesday, November 15, 2016  7 – 9 p.m.  (RSVP for location)  

 This moon cycle highlights “emotional power.” Many of us have been taught to channel ours into draining cycles of drama and trauma. In this circle we’ll uproot some of the habits and beliefs that keep us tangled in unhealthy exchanges and free up the soil to produce more beautiful experiences of intimacy and satisfaction with self and others.

Imagine thoughts that support your vitality and stabilize you in the face of stormy challenges. Imagine relationships that soothe your central nervous system instead of frazzle it. Imagine feeling rooted in a reality that constantly generates the true healing and real enjoying you came here for!

Let’s seed some good winter dreams under November’s new moon.

This circle is space for men and women to be socially authentic and spiritually real, to listen deeply and self-heal. 

No previous moon circle experience required! 🙂  $20 cash or check the night of circle is fine or pay online.

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