Relationship Circle

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Thursday, August 9, 2018 7-9 p.m.

Boundaries are natural, situational and person specific…as our social culture evolves to honor them more fully, it is essential we claim the art of setting them instead of driving ourselves (and others crazy) by trying to follow an increasingly complex set of outside rules. Those outside rules often end up dehumanizing our human interactions as we end up relating to a social projection instead of the actual “other.”  Boundaries are meant to make authenticity and intimacy safer instead of scarier and even more difficult to find and feel.

17 years ago, thanks to my teacher’s positing the question, I began a semi-conscious journey of identifying the “what is mine and what is other.” I say semi-conscious because it took me 16 of those years to begin to have a truly conscious experience of “mine” / “other.” Most of those years I spent wrestling with the obvious, unable to understand what felt so “wrong” about my relationship world and me.  Through my traumas and troubles I began to feel the real me and to identify manipulation, control and projection from me or to me.  Now a whole new world of clarity, light, softness and power has opened up for my exploration and enjoyment.

The next few monthly circles will focus on what I feel are the most important boundaries of all ~ the ones on the inside. Outer boundaries find their authentic shape only when we are in tune with who and what gives rise to them.  Without the experience of internal boundaries our external ones can actually end up blocking the closeness we most long for.  Let’s journey inward to enrich our outward connections.


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