New Moon Relationship Circle

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Relationships are of every sort make up the fabric of our lives. In relationship to Earth, to Self, to work and to each other we create our atmosphere.  How is the quality of yours these days?  What are you enjoying?  What are you missing?  What hurts?  What longs for resolution so something can unfold?  What are you celebrating about being alive?  What would you like more of?

In these monthly circles we will explore the ways in which we can cultivate fulfilling and realistic forms of intimacy of all kinds.  The human brain has been developed for this purpose over billions and we are just now coming online to leave a history of abuse and misuse behind.

We’ll share insights, weave connections and apply scientific magic to nourish everything from our daily interactions and to our guiding visions about what love can look, feel and be like on planet Earth!

June 13, 2018 7-9 p.m.  Message me for location if you wish to attend.


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