Equinox Ceremony & Song Circle

Saturday ~ March 19, 2016 on the Boise Ecovillage Land
9907 W. Chinden, Blvd. Garden City
4:30 Potluck ~ 5:30 Song Cirlce ~ 6:30 Medicine Wheel & Bonfire

Tis that sweet turning of winter into spring, the perfect time to gather and sing, plant visionary seeds and bless the land. To tune into the Earth’s wisdom and your own as we celebrate rebirth!

Come for it all or for what calls…if you arrive when we are in a ceremony at the fire please wait to enter the circle until we are finished. Thank you!

Donations appreciated in support of this family friendly event, we’ll put out a basked the night of the event or feel free to use the button below to donate any amount you’d like.  Thank you!!!

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